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08-05-2017 08:20
Sorry about last night, my internet died...

26-02-2017 08:07
ка, зат
, &#108

02-02-2017 20:28
afk untill sunday

12-12-2016 08:46
Sorry all, lost power and didnt have a new fuse, hope you didnt kill her without me Smile

06-10-2016 18:56
I won't be able to come tonight.

24-09-2016 09:49
WTF do we need to raid??? some friends are playing and I wanna know whats good.

18-09-2016 04:36
I am interested in info on mounting the unit in a C6 Corvette that looks good. Is there mounting hardware available?

10-04-2016 16:25
tonight i online late maybe i cant join the raid.

03-04-2016 17:54
maybe i come online late to night sry for late notice but try to online as soon as i can.

28-03-2016 06:27
i wont be raiding tonight

27-03-2016 19:56
Sorry for late notice but I have to go to the hospital for an operation on my ear, hope fully I can get back before the raid ends.

27-03-2016 18:58
Cant make it tonight, and if I do it'll be pretty late, best of luck with drops :*

24-03-2016 17:51
Pc is fixed and can attend the next raid.

21-03-2016 18:53
cant make it today ,sorry for late notice

21-03-2016 18:38
Computer is still not fixed going to kill myself.

20-03-2016 23:04
Will be late tomorrow for 30-40 minutes.

20-03-2016 22:47
wont be able to come on monday and thursday cos of work

20-03-2016 18:37
Probably won't be able to attend todays raid since my computer is having issues and is not loading up what so ever, hopefully will have been fixed before the next raid. - Plannk

20-03-2016 14:33
maybe i come online late tonight

17-03-2016 19:01
I might be 20-30 minutes late today

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15-12-2017 13:52
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Info/Guild Rules
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Legion progress
Info/Guild Rules
1840 0 Isirith
31-03-2017 10:13

Legion Mythic progression

We are looking for a stable tank and dps, preferred hunter/mage/lock/rogue/dk! We're currently 2/7M in Emerald Nightmare, 3/3H in Trial of Valor and 9/10H in Nighthold.

Sanctum is a guild formed on Ravencrest in late TBC, with many members having played since the actual release of World of Warcraft.

We're semi hardcore; clearing heroic early every patch and progressing through Mythic after. We're doing Mythic+ runs with random guild groups on off days; later in the expansion we might run alt raids.

Raid Times
Thursday, sundays and mondays: 20:00 - 23:00

Loot distribution
We're currently using Personal Loot. Loot that people don't use, are /rolled on during raids.

What classes do we want?
Any class / spec combination as long as you're a really good and dedicated player.

We definitely have more spots available, so if you write an application worth taking it's time on, and we like it, then those spots might be yours!

What do we look for in our raiders?
- Know your class inside-out (Gems, enchants, rotation, stat prio etc)
- Come prepared (strategies, flasks, food, potions, gold for repairs etc).
- No cheap players. It goes without saying you must have the very best possible gems and enchants for your class but also be willing to pop potions regularly on progress fights (and farm fights if you want those records!)
- Good attitude. Keeping happy and friendly is a good way to get into our hearts
- No moaning as a trialist. If you think you will do this then do not bother applying.
- Be willing to work for your spot and the guild as a whole

If this sounds like something that might interest you, make an application on this page (and put some dedication into it) or whisper an officer

If you have any questions feel free to contact Papatsakalos, Lafiel, Muertius or Iuchishahai

Gorefiend Mythic down!

Kargath Bladefist mythic down!

Highmaul normal cleared!

Garrosh down !


....and the killing continues

Lot less klaxxi around now!

Blackfuse was quiet easy

GOD!!!! finally Thok dead and this reset we did even one-shot it!

10 / 14 DOWN in Siege of Orgrimmar

Spoils of pandaria took WAY more tries then expected

Malkorok seemed hard, took not that many tries thou

Dirty Shamans


Sha of Pride down

Sadly boss leaves no remains except a portal :P

Norushen KILLED


Fallen Protectors DOWN

Throne of Thunder cleared [Normal]

...and we managed to kill First boss also (twice by now) on Heroic

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